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[Bugs]Fairy music doesn't play in fountains on overworld tiles, and a few other bugs.

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  • [Bugs]Fairy music doesn't play in fountains on overworld tiles, and a few other bugs.

    went through saved images/videos on my micro sd, found which ones had bugs, and here we are.
    fountain bug:
    freddie doesnt sing for player 2:
    five more bugs attached in images.

    also electric yellow bats dont have a different animation the beat before they move, unlike other bats. pretty sure thats not right

    why must i be limited to 5 photos per post

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    hey so apparently i can just reply to my own post and have more images that way

    (also, zone 4 in permadeath dungeon mode is supposed to use the future hyrule walls and stuff, right?)

    also also, this bug is better explained than shown: during the final boss in co-op dungeon, player one can switch all 3 characters weapons, but player two can only switch the two main character's weapons. (i.e. not the character that gets frozen in ice repeatedly)


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      Hey there StardustAlpha - do you know which version of the game these are all from? just want to double check before I report them to the team; if they're from before the DLC there is a pretty high chance some of these are fixed. Thanks!


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        I’m pretty sure all of them are in 1.1.0 or 1.1.1. The screenshots are all dated after 1.1.0s release date, if i recall correctly. I remember the co-op freddie one popping up in a run to fill the empty coop fixed beat permadeath dungeon mode leaderboard, and the ice dodge being in dungeon mode too.
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