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  • [Visual Bug]

    Hi Brace Yourself Game Devs,

    I have been playing Cadence of Hyrule since I bought it on sale this last week and it is awesome! Thank you for making such a great game!

    I wanted to report a minor visual bug. When using a long sword and standing on stairs, or a path leading to an upwards area, the sword is clipped behind the upper path/stairs. An easy way to see this is just use the Caladbolg sword and hold it out upwards and go up some stairs.

    Cadence of Hyrule is a beautiful game and this minor bug mars the otherwise perfect visuals. I am hoping this can get fixed in the next patch release!

    Thank you for your time and excellent game,

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    Hey Kyle! You might have seen already, but we released a big update for the game yesterday, so it's possible this might have been addressed already in that. Would you be able to double check if this is still happening and let me know either way? Thanks!
    Brace Yourself Games - Senior Community Developer


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      Hi Leanne,

      Thanks for the reply! Sorry I was busy during the holidays but I checked it on the latest update and unfortunately the problem is still there.

      I also noticed that when playing the final boss in the new Octavo story that the instruments when playing at the top of the screen cause black boxes to appear above them. You can see it in this Youtube video of someone playing it:

      Thanks for your help!


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        Here is a picture still of the black boxes bug. It appears on any of the four instruments when they are playing:


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          Thanks Kyle! I'm sure byg_alexa will take a look at this when she's back in the office.
          Brace Yourself Games - Senior Community Developer


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            Hey kyle788 - thanks so much for finding these! I've passed them on to the dev team. Really appreciate you finding these, and glad you enjoy the game!