[1.0.2?] Softlock on boss kill + tutorial out of stamina prompt simultaneously


1.0.2, but I haven’t seen this reported before and it may still be present in 1.1.0.

Going for “The Eye of Gohma” achievement, I accidentally landed the last hit with a poison arrow while out of stamina with tutorials enabled. This caused both the boss kill animation and the tutorial “out of stamina” prompt to appear at the same time, which froze the boss kill animation and softlocked the game (boss music + disco floor continue to play). The achievement was granted normally.

1.1.0 specifically fixed an issue where multiple events could trigger at once, fixing a lot of bugs/glitches.
This seems to be the case for most things, especially when it comes to dialog/cutscenes. In 1.1.0 I have not managed to trigger any kind of tutorial at the same time as another event. They seem to just not trigger the tutorial instead.

Would be surprised if this still happens in 1.1.0, but it might.