[1.2.0 Pre-DLC Minor Bugs] Various minor bugs I found a while ago

Found some bugs. Also, did I already report the issue where you can buy weapon infusions without a weapon equipped? And was it fixed? (im too lazy to check :P)

Those lizard enemies with spears dont make a sound when they hit a wall in 1.2.0. Did not occur in older versions. The ones with daggers make the sound just fine, though.

Cadence still calls Yves ‘Link’ in the cave cutscene, and has been doing this since launch. Is this intentional?

That singular stray white pixel just above the spike ball is bothering me. Also, why is spike ball there?
If you look at the tile just above the Peahat enemy, you will notice it has the dance floor effect on it, unlike the rest of the bridge. The effect is also half a tile lower than it should be.
If you open the map while holding shield out, you can not warp to sheika stones. Works fine if you put down the shield, tho.
very minor layering (near enemy)
Found a few layering issues near the entrance to Hyrule castle. The arrow points to a tile that seems to be floating, and the circle shows a flower under a tile.
Is this chimney supposed to have collision?
Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 8.11.54 PM
If a dirt wall spawns next to a potion shop, a black rectangle appears? This fixes itself if the wall is dug, tho.
layering issue - mystery electric wizzrobe
There is a wizzrobe under the statue. Probably not intentional.
Bushes become highlighted when next to them, even if you don’t have a weapon. Also, why can’t you use torches to burn bushes? They can burn stumps, so burning bushes makes sense.

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