[Affects playability] Crash upon attacking fire keese

While playing a run in Dungeon Mode, I happened upon a strange crash: it appears that, while wielding a flail, attempting to attack a fire keese while they are burning causes a crash. I’m not so sure about the specifics behind this, as I haven’t been able to recreate this many times. The crash doesn’t seem 100% consistent. It seems to only happen when attacking at the farthest edges of the flail’s reach, as far as I can tell. Additionally, I’ve so far only gotten the crash to occur while using the glass flail. If can I find some time, I’ll fiddle around with this more, and send a video of the crash.

P.S. Allow me to say that, in spite of this, Cadence of Hyrule has been an absolute jam, and I think it really nails the feel of Necrodancer while also being considerably more juicy in its mechanics. Excellent work!

Just to add to this thread, this crash issue has been happening a lot ever since CoH came out. I’ve even seen Spooty (the speedrunner) deliberately causing the game to crash with the glass flail and the fire keese in one of his newer Twitch streams. It seems that the crashing issue has been present in all versions and in all kinds of seeds. The crash with the glass flail + keese only happens sometimes.

Here’s another example of this happening: