[Affects playability] Ice block in Ganon fight sometimes immune to most attacks


Happened during my first successful “Come Reign or Shrine” achievement attempt; unfortunately I don’t remember if any shrines were in effect for this fight or which ones.

The ice blocks for the whole fight were mysteriously immune to both player attacks and miniboss attacks as seen in the above video. For the first two phases I recall at least one of Ganon’s attacks was able to break the ice normally, but for the third phase he never jumps down. Fortunately bombs worked to break the ice and I had enough, and I was able to win from here, but if I hadn’t had enough bombs I would have been quite upset.

After winning, I tried reloading the save file to attempt the fight again. This time the ice blocks worked normally.

Bump; someone managed to reproduce this:

A full video is available here but it’s going to expire in about three weeks:

The only thing in common seems to be that a shrine(s) was active? In the above video it was Shrine of Peace + Shrine of Mystery.

Thanks again @Zowayix - you’re a great sleuth for this stuff! Reported to the team :slight_smile:

Just happened upon a Shrine of Peace in Future Hyrule on a regular playthrough a few minutes ago, and tested it: It looks like Shrine of Peace is indeed the culprit. If one is active during the Ganon fight, the ice blocks cannot be broken except by bombs and Ganon (causing a nasty softlock if the player has 1 or fewer Bombs during the final phase).

We actually discussed this in the ConDOR discord just a few days ago and as mentioned, it should be Shrine of Peace.

I’m pretty confident that what is happening is that the shrine of peace effect is affecting the entity holding characters in place during the Ganon fight.
Technically speaking, both characters encased in ice are stuck in a “cocoon”, just like the web from when you’re hit by a Skulltula.
So the problem is that the Shrine of Peace effect actually downgrades this Ganon specific variation of the cocoon into the regular skulltula one, which it obviously shouldn’t.
This is why you can actually see the cocoon graphic at the feet of both characters inside the ice whenever this glitch happens.

The Ganon variant is invisible, but when downgraded to the regular one, it is not.
And this is why things do not behave as intended, because the very specific variation set up just for this fight is now gone, so things do not behave the way that it should upon breaking it.

So the solution should be to make sure that Shrine of Peace does not affect the cocoon entity used in the Ganon fight.

(This info is based on datamining)