After updating Experimental branch to 0.3.1, cannot run the game

Epic launcher is telling me to “install” and then complaining that the install directory is not empty. (which of course it isn’t, as the previous version of the game is still there).

How should I resolve this?

Have you tried running the Stable branch instead.

I have, and it runs, but I cannot load my saves from exp. (that at least was in a previous patch notes so is not unexpected) :confused:

It might be an issue with the Epic Games Launcher. Have you tried launching those saves “offline”.

Failing that I would save the savefiles elsewhere, delete the experimental version, re-install, and then restore the saves from your backup.

But maybe the BYG team have better options.

You should be able to copy your saves from exp to your ‘main’ folder to play them again on stable.