All your Crazy Weapon Ideas

I hope its ok to just go a bit wild with brainstorming for weapons.

I also hope others participate too :slight_smile:

  • Vulture Missiles - a swarm of missiles that is shot slowly as a salvo and they circle above the target until the whole salvo arrived and then strike down all at once.

  • Beam laser - a laser that shots continously over the whole turn, the longer it stays on a target, the more damage it does. Addition from Alder Godric on Discord: make its duration function like the wait feature, you can adjust yourself how long it will fire, generating more heat over time.

  • Acid goo thrower - shoots a slime ball that does a dot damage on the enemy, can also be targeted at the ground and will only slowly dot legs of mechs when they walk over or is very efficient to immobilize tanks.

  • flamer - slow dot on the enemy, but increases the heat on the applied unit, so can lead to overheating when applied early in the turn.

  • rail gun - slow spool up that generates heat, shoot once at the very end of the shot sequence, high sniper damage, high impact, high penetration

  • lances - melee weapon that do more damage the further you dash to the enemy to attack it

  • spears - throwable weapon, single use, have to go near the target to pick it up again

  • minelayers - would be kinda OP with knowing where the enemies go. i love OP.

  • my-cross missile murder (hope some get it :stuck_out_tongue: ) - huuuge salvo of low damage micromissiles flying from your mech to any nearby enemy.

  • glue thrower - slow down unit that it hits, can also be pointed on the ground.

  • cannister shots - a solid shot that open up before impact and spread pellets

  • clusterbomb missiles - fly high and do AOE damage on the target or a targeted area from above

  • mortar - high damage AOE weapon, the shot takes a long time in air, making it hard to use especially on large ranges (inspired by IcePickLobotomy on Discord)

i hope you guys have great other ideas :slight_smile:


Physics gun. Does no (or negligible) damage, but throws enemies backwards so you can make them crash into each other or buildings.


Barrier Projector: Deploys a temporary shield bubble on a target ally in LoS, absorbing X damage before breaking.

Slag Cannon: Fires globs of molten slag at a target area, which hardens over a short period and turns into destructible cover. Can be stacked to create taller cover. Probably not a great idea to get molten slag on your mech, either.

Thermal Cycler: Explosively vents plasma straight from the mech’s reactor. Deals more damage as your mech gets hotter. Could flush heat when used. Could be as a beam or as one big burst.

Swarm Drones: Spawns a cluster of angry drones which can track, follow, and shoot at hostile targets. Think Funnels from Gundam.

Subversion Spike: Launches a projectile that attempts to subvert enemy systems. If successful, you can temporarily take control of a hostile target and force them to take one action of your choosing that turn (e.g. shoot a friendly, force them to move out of position, ram an enemy, etc)

Flashbang: Scrambles enemy units’ optics and targeting systems, greatly increasing their weapon scatter and occasionally causing them to run into other units.


I think missiles have a lot of potential in general - they’re probably one of the most versatile delivery systems next to shotguns as far as “stuff you can pack in a decently-sized warhead” goes.

Whilst digging deep into really detailed stuff like HE vs HEAP vs HEDP vs HEAT and whatever seems a bit much for the lighter approach PB is taking (it’s not like you have ‘armour’ to punch through that reduces damage dealt to integrity), there’s still plenty of room for stuff like… I dunno…

Well, the way I’d set it up is you have a set of launchers, which define things like the weight, attack duration, number of shots, and such. Then you pick the ammo you think will work best, which determines damage, blast radius, and stuff like that - unlike other weapons where the ammo can’t be changed. Maybe you pick the short-range rockets; no guidance but they fly fast and hit hard with a decent AOE. Or maybe you pack in some long-range missiles that track but fly slower. Perhaps you mix things up a bit by using incendiary warheads, which do less damage but cause heat buildup in the target.

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I want a big hammer. A really BIG hammer.


(A big ol… big old rusty nail-)

A large, minigun-size (or arm-mounted) drill. Rather than serving as more of an offensive tool (though I could see it being shot out as a projectile, albeit likely one-use unless it was some kind of ‘energy drill’, or a viable melee weapon), but serve more as a utility, effectively allowing a mech to drill into and through buildings, effectively making their own way through a building without needing to shoot through or climb it
Could be used as a way to get a new route, or a better sightline

  • EMHarpoon - launch a big harpoon at the enemy, sending electricity through a cable, scrambling its systems. Enemy can break free by moving away from the shooter breaking the cable.
  • ARM Missile - launch your left arm as a missile to punch people in the face at range.
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I know you’re talking about drills and not miniguns, but for whatever reason your comment reminded me of Heavy Arms in Gundam Wing. Now I hope they add miniguns. Arm mounted miniguns.

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  • Change sniper rifle to have minimum “setup time”.

    • 1 round fired per action.
    • If mech doesn’t move, subsequent shots on the same target fire instantly (no setup time). Moving or changing targets requires paying “setup time” again.
    • Add a pilot skill that reduces setup time when changing targets by 80%. Moving still incurs “setup time” on next shot.
  • Smoke canister: Greatly reduces enemy accuracy. Firing canisters while moving spreads out the smoke but reduces its effectiveness.

  • Corrosive gas: DoT that stays over an area. Different from mines in that multiple enemies may be affected by a single gas cloud

  • Targeting laser: Improve accuracy of allies. If laser is on target, accuracy penalty of smoke is mitigated

  • Ice gun: Fired at allies to reduce heat


I would really love to see missiles being shot down when you have an automatic weapon. Like they do in Robotech

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I’m hoping for more “low tech” mad max style weapons for the early-game and resistance forces;
much like when you start out you have old industrial mechs ( don’t even have dash-bootsers yet);
and a mobile base that’s a converted mining-mech tender
the “resistance” / low tech aesthetic really appealed to me and i hope we see more…

… the partisans crunch through the trees with scrap ‘armor’ bolted on to mining and forest mechs;
giant chainsaws and hammers lifting in anticipation…

one readies a salvaged mining laser, another a flak cannon ripped bodily from an invader SPAA…

someone is singing " the chant of the partisans" ( link)

Time to take back your homes.
Long live the resistance.

… keep them up, and feel free to PM me with examples of what “partisans” would be able to improvise; if you’d like them included in my mod.
( i’m already wondering if i can get in that sledgehammer, but- not a great modeller )

( for example screenshot )


not quite what anyone asked for

but - out of curiousity, i had the Flak tank ( spaa ) /we
try being my katysuha ( rocket truck/ stalins organ )

  • so now she fires “swarm missiles

… yeah most of the effects for the missiles, etc in the files are placeholders, so just to try it…
i didn’t expect much…

but i wasn’t expecting this:

  • Railgun: Sniper rifle with high damage, heat and fire duration for a single shot, but it penetrates first target hit, allowing it to deal damage to a second unit behind it or a body part behind a shield.

  • Laser: Like in the teaser.

  • EMP Rifle: Low damage but degrading effects on hit targets, reducing heat venting / movement and or hindering use of abilities / targeting.

  • Smartgun: Allows curving of bullets to shoot around objects, (but maybe cannot lock onto units directly for balancing measures).

  • RIOT Weaponry: High concussion, low damage, reduced heat efficency and range. Intended as a means of dealing with unruly civilians.

  • Cluster Artillery: Shoot a projectile to an area, exploding and raining down shrapnel on targets found below.

  • Impulse Canon: Shotgun range secondary weapon but shoots highly pressured air to push the target ‘slightly’ backwards, great for causing crashes or obstructing LoS.


I think shoulder or auxiliary equipment should be an addition to a mech’s loadout. Some simple examples would be:


  • Homing Missile: a guided missile that makes a beeline to a target when launched
  • Grenade Launcher: launches grenades that explodes in a small area
  • Mortar Launcher: like the grenade launcher, but a much farther effective range and larger blast radius
  • Rocket Launcher: Fires a rocket in a straight line, like an RPG


  • Auto Cannon: an automated weapon that will shoot down any enemy missile that comes into range
  • Mounted Shield: An extra shield that greatly reduces concussive damage even from the back
  • Jammer: becomes untargetable by missiles, or scrambles missile when they approach
  • Thrusters: Increases your mech’s boost speed and range
  • Radar: if fog of war or weather effect is implemented, a radar can be used to reduce or negate its effects. The Prediction system can be nerfed so that it cannot predict any enemies it cannot see
  • Repair Module: A robot arm attachment that does field repairs on an ally mech.

Some of these weapons may be quite overpowered, so there would need to be limits to their use.

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Am I missunderstanding you? You got mock missles to work?
How did you do that? Looks cool

Not a new weapon, but if you have 2 hand guns equipped, you should be able to shoot them both at the same time. Just a dmg buff because of the lack of primary, but your heat would still be double etc.



Rather than being able to “dual wield” your primary and secondary weapon, I would much rather have a dedicated “Akimbo-style” weapon system. As in a secondary or even primary weapon, that consist of 2 pistols.
It would be easier to balance and create stats for, but you get the same effect(looking awesome).

I would also like if you were able to launch gun drones, which are basically equipped with a secondary weapon(like Gun Drone “Spark”), which will hover over an area for a fixed duration, and shoot at nearby targets at regular intervals. That or deployable sentries(turrets) with a similar effect.

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Wouldn’t mind something like Caltrops but I have no idea how you’d get them to work on giant mechs.

Might as well do landmines, caltrops just seems so ineffective that one might as well use landmines or obstacles.

That’s deffo true. I was thinking more a persistent area denial effect/slow but that could achieved by having mines/devices that could trigger more than once before exhausting.