Balance between factories and standalone buildings?

Maybe it is just me but…
I just don’t understand why I should use something different from factories in the game - except the need for minerals/isotopes for construction costs.

Power, Fuel - everything I built in factories is needing less space and gives out more products. Even when the buildings are connected they don’t have the output of a factory. And in most cases they need a full-time worker to operate while when built in factories there are no workers needed.

Do I get something wrong here or am I missing anything?

I saw a comment elsewhere along the same lines. My take on it is twofold:

First, the only things you can make in a factory that are strictly equivalent to standalone buildings are power generation, fuel generation, storage space, conversion capsules, and monetization stations. That’s only about half the things you can build, as monuments, mines, the pollution resistance of residences, smokestacks, energy relays, turrets, and command centers have no in-factory equivalent. Yes, factories can house citizens, but they don’t protect them from pollution, which might not even matter right now but I think is worth noting. Finally, devices that generate waste take significantly more time for your employees to manage than their standalone buildings do.

The second is the roadmap, and the conveyor hidden away at the bottom of the build menu. One of the eventual features is transportation and trucking. Seems to me that the current environment of ‘fuel automagically transports itself into your generators’ will go away eventually, to be replaced by a logistics management in the factory building screen, which will likely wind up making factories less powerful by comparison to the standalones.

So, yeah, factories are better at the things they do than the standalone buildings would be, but I also wouldn’t expect that to last as more features come out.

Just tried to micro manage resedentials and converting pods in factories and found it it is too much hassle.
Way easier to build them outside of the city for waste and logistic management.

For the power and fuel - still sticking to warehouses:
Level 1 storage, level 2 electricity, level 3 fuel or electricity.

Personally I find factories are decent for building out mass Conversion Capsules. Its a good ‘burn’ for minerals which I tend to have a metric ton of mid-late game

I do make 1 conversion building outside, for the sole purpose of just clicking on its UI so I can queue up conversions

Note if you’re low on Isotopes, its better to build out factories and tehn fill them with energy/fuel stuff as that only costs minerals. As again you generally should be drowning in minerals by mid-late game.

The devs have noted that as the game progresses in the future, Factories will have a much bigger role in the gameplay loop.

Just a quick question on this to see if I get this right - it is intended that factories are that rewarding?

I mean, I would love the idea of being rewarded for doing this kind of micromanagement - I just didn’t think that’s the case…

I think its more that right now Factories have less utility compared to the dedicated buildings you can build to do the same thing. Not sure what the future holds but one change that’s coming is that fuel wont just teleport to your energy buildings. meaning fuel has to be transported in some way. likely meaning factories will play a larger role in that respect. Probaly also when more citizen gameplay loops are added.

Also as ship combat becomes more prevalent, its likely that the current meta of “tightly packing all your fuel depots in one place”, will be not very good if a shot down ship crash lands on a depot then creates a cascade effect of destroying everything else around it.

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