[Beatmaps] Gleeockenspiel & Bass Guitarmos on song loop act 1 beat sooner than song

Something I noticed in Spooty’s recent Aria Dungeon-mode stream: when Gleeok’s music loops, Gleeok’s “ding dong ding ZAP” pattern is one beat off-sync (sooner) each time it loops.

I imagine this either has something to do with the fix in Octavo’s Ode (1.1.x) that caused song loops to no longer trigger a Skipped Beat on that down beat, or it’s an issue adjacent to the fix.

My thoughts (from a blackbox perspective) are that songs have a beatmap where beat 0 is always there and can take inputs, but the fix effectively just suppressed Dropped Beats and enemy actions while still advancing both beat 0 and the final beat of the song at once for the “do song-based action” timer, thus throwing off the attack.

For reference, here’s Spooty’s video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/688535820. At 3:18:32, he’s about to start a Gleeokenspiel fight (I’m sure there were a few others where he fought on 2 damage and had unlucky sarcophagus spawns, leading to the song looping to play safe, but this is the one where I noticed it while watching). Once it starts, the tail bobs back and forth, starting with moving to the right on beats 1 & 3 and then left on 2 & 4, and after the “ding dong ding”, the “ZAP” has the tail back on its 4 position of wagging to the left.

However, around 3:20:00, right when the song loops, the tail moves left, and then left again, skipping the actual down beat where it normally would wag right. 4 measures later, the first “ding” animation happens before the song even goes “ding”, and the “ZAP” attack & animation happen when the song does the final “ding” on beat 3.

I’m especially bringing this up in case, for the Symphony of the Mask DLC (DLC 3 of this season pass), if (spoiler: speculation about DLC) there are more new bosses besides King Dobongo and any of them including Dobongo have a song-synchronized attack, then it’d be rather important to get this fixed for good for all songs and not just for Gleeokenspiel.

Some additional, personal testing I just did has revealed that this issue might only be related to boss song loops, not overworld or dungeon? I tested Grassland, Cliffs, Forest, Temple of Storms, and Frozen Grotto, all of which had their enemies continue their standard patterns without skipping. However, I also tested all of the bosses, and while I couldn’t directly tell if Gohmaracas or Wizroboe have song-synchronized attacks (my guess is not), I confirmed that Gleeockenspiel and Bass Guitarmos Knights end up doing their patterns 1 beat sooner every loop relative to the song.

Of course, granted, most people won’t end up having the boss songs loop as they’d either die to the boss or kill the boss before it could loop. However, as evidenced by Spooty’s Lowest of the Low%, it’s more likely to happen with Aria when relying solely on her dagger and could throw some people off. It seems like the issue had been mostly taken care of in Octavo’s Ode, but the bosses’ songs/beatmaps seem to have not quite been fully corrected.

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