Benevolent playthrough?

Is it possible to have a less optimal but more benevolent type of gameplay? It would be considered a “hard-mode” i suppose, the Council would say stuff like “you’re being very inefficient” and “needless frivolity” but i would actually take care of the polution and healthcare of workers. This would likely be an expansion after launch.

Additional stuff:

  • Smoke Scrubbers - the oposite of Smoke Stacks, exact same mechanics but in revese. Generate some Trash but it’s a net reduction anyway.
  • Wellness Centre - people go there to waste time, temporarily increases happiness. Reduces happiness in high polution.
  • “Park” - workers will always try to walk through this while traveling, slowing down while inside. Basically works as a reverse to the underground Roads. Slight increase in happiness. (these are preposterously fake and very hail-corporate)
  • Park - opulently expensive, these feature actual living trees, kept alive by nanobots and nutrient nanofactories to keep them living in the harsh outside conditions. Work slightly better than “Parks”, much higher energy maintenance, need to be repaired fairly often. Endgame item, take time to grow after being built. Workers will occasionally sit down and feed holographic pidgeons.
  • Retirement Home - workers will come here to “retire” after some time in employment, removing their implants. This acts as a permanent resource drain that increases as the game progresses. Each retiree generates “Good Publicity”.
  • Tourist Centre - causes certain ships at the spaceport to be touring ships instead, dropping off tourists as they visit your operation. It takes up a ship slot, tourists need to be maintained at the Centre and will occasionally stop and distract your workers with selfies as they roam between buildings before returning to their ship. Generates Good Publicity with clean air and “Parks”, drains “Good Publicity” with dirty air and no/few “Parks”.
  • Hotel - works similar to Tourist Centre, but people stay here when the ship leaves. Patrons are peskier tourists, going inside factories and very rarely damaging one of your buildings at random when they visit. At least double the building maintenance of a Tourist Centre and needs a worker assigned per floor. Causes riots in high polution (Patrons cause way more damage to buildings).

Good Publicity is another Coucil resource, acting as leverage. You don’t spend it, but rather it increases discouts on Council items. As Good Publicity grows the Council will incentivize your competitors to take you out, increasing combat dificulty. You win the game by paying out your depts and becoming independent from the Council, at which point their aid is removed, you’re on your own and they become your competitor (along with all the corporations under them).

I might edit this post later to improve/add to it.

Hvae you tried the Zen mode?

Hi there @Gokki - you’ll be pleased to know that a lot of the features you’ve suggested (more interaction with the Council, a Population Management and Happiness system, etc) are actually already in our plans. We’ll reveal more as we get closer to the dates, but it’s something we’re currently designing systems for.