Blind player's ability to see enemy actions

I love the game so far and have spent +30hrs on the campaign.

It would be nice to throw in a type of “jammer” initiated by the enemy that prevents the player’s units from seeing enemy moves for brief period of time. This would add a few more elements of surprise and randomness to the gameplay.

So much to work on…so many possibilities!


yes of course why not a elite cloak armour and when it take some damages its semi predict move :smiley: and if u take the mech u have a cloak who generate a lot of heath like the dash but u become hard to aim for the enemy at log or middle range . in close combat u can make a critical hit if u use melee

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It’s there for a built in lore reason, but I could see that being an awesome twist halfway through the game as your faction is building steam and it looks like you are going to accomplish your goals. All of the sudden the enemy unveils a new technology of their own. Maybe not even just cloaking, but a device that makes your predictive capabilities see false information completely.

I played for a short time but it worries me too, it seems that I am playing using cheat programs that allow me to see all the actions of the enemy. I hate cheats.

I have an idea how to solve this:
Need to set up the timeline one by one with a half-stroke difference.

If we split the move binding, then we will see only the nearest enemy action, which is more realistic and logical

It is not necessary that the computer should go first, I think it should be the one who noticed the enemy on the global map before.

I dont even think it needed to be written in as technology, and it makes sense as an abstraction of a few things.

Your pilots follow your orders in this game, but they are supposed to be pretty experienced. They have moment to moment reflexes on top of their battle computers and automated systems. It would not make any sense for your mechs to take an entire turn wasting their action moving or shooting the wrong direction. The pilots would be making their own decision, on top of the orders given. In this way all RTS or turn based games represent the chain of command down to the individual.

Only compromise I would be cool with seeing would be hiding enemies’ timelines. Let us always see their exact move, but if they are not targeted yet or have ECM, hide when they are shooting and at whom.