[BUG] Fuel Available But Energy Plant Not Using

Build Number / Patch Number: p23405
Seed Number: 1471140743
Type of Bug: Gameplay/Resource
Blocking Progression: Kinda yes
Result of Save/Load: No
Short description: Energy pilon objective doesn’t get fulfilled even though conditions are met.

Reproduction Steps:

Not really sure what happened but when i reloaded a save I noticed I was getting low on fuel. So i expanded out to get more fuel and then tried to get more energy going. However there’s an energy plant level 3 that’s bugged out that says “Not enough Fuel”. I tried enabling/disabling/enabling it but that didnt’ seem to work. So I made a new level 1 energy plant next to it (Xxy-87) and it still shows the same thing “not enough fuel”

the top UI indicates that I have enough fuel to power them so I’m confused why its not working?

GameData.7z (1.2 MB)