[BUG] Game crashes while fighting rebel ships

Build Number / Patch Number: 2020-07-15-1032-p17608-v613-S
Seed Number: 1453505808
Type of Bug: Gameplay
Blocking Progression: Yes
Result of Save/Load: No
Short description:
While defending my city against a rebel attack the game crashes and quits the moment I destroy an enemy ship. I managed to get around that crash by relaoding a save game and disabling the turret(“Kat-96”) that is being attacked at the time. The ship moves to another target and is being destroyed without the game crashing.

The Savegame is called “Manual Save #3
GameData.7z (1.8 MB)

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Hey @marek - thanks for the post and save file! This is incredibly useful, I will let you know when we’ve fixed this one.