[BUG] IO Error/SyntaxError/Unable to Find Token -- Game Appears Broken

Type of Bug: Game Fails to Load Save or Create New Game
Blocking Progression?: Yes, game completely unplayable
Result of Save/Load?: Unsure

Short Description: I lost power a few days ago mid-game. After the power came back, I turned on my computer and tried to reload the game. I received a save game/sync error from the EPIC launcher and clicked on the option to sync up my local saves with those on the server. This appears to have erased all of my saved games and I am getting the attached errors every time I try to create a new game, load the weird saved game that pops up in the load game area (it does not look like one of my saves but who knows).

I ran a “Verify” scan through the EPIC launcher, which did not help. I also uninstalled/reinstalled the game a few times, but it did not help.

Pictures attached.

Reproduction steps: Unsure.

I believe your saves are unfortunately corrupted and beyond saving. I would recommend just deleting your entire save folder, deleting all saves in your cloud, and trying again from there. Sorry about that! We’ve updated our FAQ on what to do if this occurs to anyone else (we got your initial bug reporter feedback about it)

Bummer. Thanks for responding so quickly, though. The game is fantastic even at such an early stage.