[BUG] Low Framerate, only half of GPU used

Build Number / Patch Number: 0.10.0-b4153

Seed Number: 1473449002

Type of Bug: Performance

Blocking Progression: No

Result of Save/Load: No

Short description:

On starting a new game, I noticed that as soon as had more than the starting influence zone, the game lags down to below 30fps, even though my GPU is barely used more than 50%

Reproduction Steps:

Start the game, really, did not test this on a new save yet.

QuantaCat_03_2021_DxDiag.zip (16.2 KB)

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Hey @QuantaCat thanks for posting! We have something in the works that should definitely mitigate this problem :slight_smile: stay tuned, hoping to release next week!

Ah ok, hope I didnt repost something that had been reported already…

Not at all! This is something that’s been plaguing the game for a long, long time unfortunately, it seems people run into it semi-frequently. Without going into too much detail, there was something to do with how instances of UI were being cleaned up that was causing quite a bit of slowdown. We’re hoping it solves most of the slowdown issues!

yeah, I get it. Trash collection is super important, and one of those things you dont really focus on when youre doing new innovative things. Thanks for notifying though, @byg_alexa!! Makes a difference and it is really good to get feedback like this. +1, like, and all the upvotes :smiley:

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