Bug - Mine Emptying Not working in Employee Mangement

Build Number / Patch Number: p15647 - expermimental

Seed Number: 1448162730

Type of Bug: Worker AI

Blocking Progression: Kinda-sorta

Result of Save/Load: No

  • Empty Mines is put as high priority in queue
  • Mine is full
  • AI does not show any jobs for “empty mines”


  • 29 workers on “upgrade buildings” depite only 1 job?
  • Workers seem to have a lot of difficulty upgrading buildings.
  • Trying ot upgrade mine doesnt do anything
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Hi @Satoru - we are definitely aware of a bug where mines are not correctly emptied once they’ve reached full capacity at least once - it’s on our list to fix as soon as our programmer is free to do so (he’s currently hard at work on transportation code before switching back to bugfixes). Very strange that there are so many jobs in upgrading though - was that on a specific building that you were trying to upgrade? If I remember correctly I think there is one job created for the single upgrade, but more than 1 worker can be assigned if the job is very big (ie having to move a lot of resources around) so it’s definitely not unheard of to have that many for construction at least - upgrading though I don’t think I’ve seen before… When you say difficulty upgrading what do you mean exactly?