Bug: Mouse Issue

Build Number: 2020-06-19-1628-p16707-v341-S
Seed Number: N/A
Type of Bug: Visual
Blocking Progression: Yes
Result of Save/Load: No
Short Description:
My mouse is offset in the game and I am not able to properly click on anything. For example when I put my mouse on any of the Main Menu buttons, such as “New Game” it does not highlight. Instead I have to move it around the screen until it highlights.

I was not able to get my mouse to show in the picture, but my mouse is a few inches to the right of the “Load” button to give you a visual idea of where my mouse is.

Hi SilverShadow, welcome to the forums! If you’re able to start the game, would you mind sending us your save file? We have instructions for it here: How to locate and upload Save Files.

Some additional questions!
Did this occur after adjusting the game settings at all? ie, UI scale, resolution, display mode etc…
Did you have your settings configured to be different prior to starting the game in the new patch? ie, you had your UI scale set to be 80% instead of 100% in version 0.1.24, and then when you downloaded and launched 0.1.25, the issue occurred?

I actually never messed with the UI scale when I got the game, the most I have ever messed with is the “Display Mode” and “Resolution” before the new update on June 2nd. I believe I did change the setting to be Fullscreen Borderless and 1980x1080 for the resolution. However, the issue definitely occurred after I updated the game though, I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game again, but the exact same issue still persists even now.

This issue has been resolved by deleting the GameUserSettings.ini file. It can be found in AppData\Local\Titan\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini

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