[Bug] Nayru's Love protection not working on projectiles on last beat

Normally using Nayru’s Love a beat early can block out damage in the next following beat. But this protection does not work on projectile attacks when it occurs on the same beat as when the last enemy is defeated on-screen.

I’ve recorded footage where Zelda defeats two Octoroks on the same screen. Both are defeated using the same method of inputs [Go in front -> Nayru’s Love -> Attack]. Defeating the first Octorok shows how Nayru’s Love is intended to protect Zelda, but the last Octorok (which is the last enemy on screen) hurts Zelda despite using Nayru’s Love a beat before.

All footage in this post is done in Story Mode Seeded during 1.1.1 with the seed “7600316” which is also known as “Accent”. The Rapier is obtained through Kakariko Crypt, and the Spear is obtained through the Beedle shop right behind Hyrule Castle. This bug is easy to replicate across other locations, weapon types, enemy colors, modes and/or seeds.

The footage shows this being demonstrated to Red Octoroks but this also occurs with other kinds of Octorok.

Footage of this bug with the Spear: https://twitter.com/chrysan_s/status…58497979990017
Footage of this bug with the Rapier: https://twitter.com/chrysan_s/status…58716092207104

This bug does not happen if the protection is meant to occur on the beat before the final attacking turn.
Footage: https://twitter.com/chrysan_s/status…60859792531456

I have also tested this on Deku Scrubs so it appears that this bug has been consistent with any kind of projectile attack. This footage is done through Story Mode using the same seed.

Footage of Nayru’s Love protecting against Deku Scrub: https://twitter.com/chrysan_s/status…59141679783936
Footage of Nayru’s Love not protecting against Deku Scrub: https://twitter.com/chrysan_s/status…59010771398660

I assume this bug occurs because the game sees that there’s no point in having Nayru’s Love to protect Zelda as soon as the last enemy is defeated in this turn, so perhaps NL’s protection effect is seen as unessential and deemed “inactive” in a non-combat environment.

This is a very minor bug, but this can affect new or casual players who can easily tap on Nayru’s Love a beat early as they learn how to use it. This also causes some unfair damage to Zelda and prevents flawless chests from opening, affecting the playability of the game.