[BUG] Office Not Filling?

Build Number / Patch Number: p26139

Seed Number: 1476057790

Type of Bug: Worker AI

Blocking Progression: No

Result of Save/Load: no

Odd bug where I have two(2) level 3 offices that can house 280 people. And then I tried building out more. I have a level 1 office in sector QOR-47 that shows no people in it. Despite having 300+ people. LIviability isnt great (-25) but I’ve seen buildings with worse and the people seem to be fine going in ther. I also had issues building Offices next ot QOR-47 like CAR-56 with the same problem. They don’t fill with people

Use latest quicksave to see issue

GameData.7z (3.7 MB)

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Hey @Satoru - I had a chance to check out your save file and I think this is actually working to spec as our current code stands. Job desirability is influenced in part by the size of your office buildings - the Citizens in the residential right beside the level 1 office building are actually all working in the tall office building, because it’s a more desirable job. If you upgrade the office building it should become a more desirable place to work, and should get all your people working.

This is a flaw in the job/citizen system, and something that we’d like to revisit in the future, though not sure when that will be!

The issue is more that the other 2 Offices are full (140x2) so the overflow I would think would go to the other office even if it was undesirable? I have 326 citzens so I’d assume the overflow of 326-280= 46 citizens would go to that office?

Also looking at the time its duing the leisure time. Does the ‘working citizen’ number only update when its during the Work time?

The only other thing is that its right next to a Fuel Extractor thing. I wonder if that’s causing some issues?

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Working citizen does only update during work hours I believe. The fuel extractor is probably not helping either :smiley: The problem is it seems like the citizens in the residential near the small office are taking all the jobs in the big office, and the citizens further away won’t take a job that’s too far from their homes (I think the limit is either 3 or 5 tiles?) I agree though that my expectation would be for the remaining citizens to overflow into the small office building.