[Bug - Overworld item population] Not enough Heart Pieces for Hale & Hearty or 100%

Hey BYG,

A number of us runners (myself, RatRacing, and Princess Madelyn) have been trying going for 100% runs. However, somewhere between 30-60% of all seeds attempted don’t have enough heart pieces to reach 16 Heart Containers.

I’ve watched one of RatRacing’s recent streams of Story 100% attempts, and 3 seeds in a row left him with 15.5-15.75 possible heart containers, even after checking all of the commonly forgotten spaces that don’t show on the overworld map (dungeon shops, overworld shops, wolfos room of Lost Woods). We both noticed that some of the overworld caves that typically have heart pieces in them sometimes had their heart pieces replaced with silver, 100-value rupees, which feels like it could be caused by the recent changes to how Octavo or especially Yves have their cave rewards set, but it could also just be a coincidence.

Ideally, it would be great if, in the next update/DLC/whatever-you-wanna-call-it, there was a “completion %” tracker (especially if this doubled as a way to know whether you are still on low%, too). Barring that, it seems like an issue that not all seeds can achieve Hale & Hearty, which is one of the easier metrics to check in 100% and is typically something that other games have for their 100% categories, too.

This could also be a major issue for a more casual player trying to get this achievement. They might struggle for a while, trying to find the heart piece(s) they “missed”, and then get frustrated and give up, not realizing that there’s a bug that causes some seeds to not produce enough Heart Pieces to get to the 16 Heart Containers they need for the achievement (or just anyone trying to go for 100% runs, speed or casual).

Following is a highlight for seed 1231399376 as one example (runs about 1h16m before stopping the clock to just retrace steps for another 5-10 minutes):

I just had run last night on 1.2 that had 1 less heart piece than was required to hit 16 hearts. I’m planning to analyze it thoroughly later tonight, and I’ll report back with my findings.

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Hey Kailaria! Thanks for reporting this. The team believes there should be some fixes for some bugs related to this in the 1.3.0 patch, but we can add it to the list of things to double-check!