[BUG] Performance Issue

Build Number / Patch Number: p23405

Seed Number: 1471140743

Type of Bug: Performance issue

Blocking Progression: yes

Result of Save/Load: issue persists on reload but isnt related to the save/load itself

I’m not sure what happened but after a pirate attack I was upgrading/repairing my buildings and somehow the framerate is not really really bad. I dont have any ships so that cant really be the issue.

The last few things I did was to try to repair the road behind the command center/fuel building. and upgrade the storage building as well. after that the fps went bad. I did I think demolish the road, cancelled it, then slected rebuild (the demolish was a mis-click). Not sure if doing that caused something to happen

Reloading the save doesnt help performance

GameData.7z (821.4 KB)

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