[bug] salvage and save

just found a bug where i salvaged some building at the start of a new game and saved since I didn’t get enough time to continue, some salvage flag (those things that appears when you scout buildings) didn’t get removed when the building was salvaged near the save point (don’t know either if the salvage happened before the save or after…)
forgot to take a screenshot, I will do so if the bug happens again.

i encountered this bug too, after i loaded an autosave-file. Those salvage-flags didnt get removed after the building was salvaged.

Hi @jerome_G and @Timbadur, welcome to the forums! @jerome_G, just so I’m clear: did this also occur after loading for you? Or did it happen in-game after you saved?

hi @Bahar ,

if I remember correctly, the salvage was not done at the save point but was being processed by a worker.
however the problem appeared only after loading that quicksave.

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thank you for the details @jerome_G! i’ll give that a try.