[BUG][UI] - First Loading Game Doesnt Show Seed In Upper Rigth

Build Number / Patch Number: p17545

Seed Number: N/A

Type of Bug: UI

Blocking Progression: No

Result of Save/Load: Yes

  • The FIRST loading of any game (either via the CONTINUE button, or using the LOAD for any save) causes the loading screen to not show the proper information in the upper right corner.

  • Subsequent loading of save games correctly shows the relevant information in the upper right

GameData.zip (2.3 MB)

Hey @Satoru thanks for the report as always! We’re working on this one :smiley:

That is not completely right.
If you then load a game again, it shows you the information from the previously loaded game.
So if this is a completely different save game, it’s not true :wink: