[BUG][UI] - Mouse Over for "Continue" Shows Old/Bad Data

Version: p23405
On load/save :eyes:

When you mouse over the “Continue” button on the main menu it has some basic information about the game. However this appears to load what I would guess is the ‘oldest’ save? The numbers don’t really add up at all from what is presented in the mouse over, vs what is in the game when you press continue

Deleting the oldest save in the “Load Game” interface changes the mouse over text to show the data from the next oldest save.

Hei @Satoru

Same here. It used to load the wrong save to. Well I guess it was the right one since it was showing the information of the oldest save.

But now it loads the latest game but still shows the oldest save. I played around with Quicksave and Manual Save but it still persists.

In general the SAVE options work but the naming is somewhat broken. Quicksave is always called Quicksave, no matter how many you have, but than the manual saveing gives you a number at the end that takes into acount all the Quicksaves :confused: