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**Good quality update this time, game feels more mature, almost no bugs encountered. GG DEVS!!! CONGRATS!

Build 2020-05-01-1640-p15415–s
Seed: 1446990730
Survival mode - normal.

1.C2D wile entered in HQ and selected battery (not sure if this is the problem) but at that point i got a freeze then C2D, save uploaded if helps.
2.C2D in HQ while building L power besite L storage, L power was bloking the storage.

Yes, I like the build. Feels solid. Please add tips for beginners and players to accurately place storage and waste containers - so they have breathing rooms and corridors (for less bugs and stocked resources).

@quad4damage - sorry but this is a topic for posting problems found with the game, bugs, issue etc. At this moment you just feel free to build as you want.


Build 2020-05-05-0923-p15467–s
Seed: 1447297904
Normal Mode Hard - High Risk - High Reward

3. Performance bug - gameplay optimization that only occur with this patch only.
When moving camera at maximum zoom-out ONLY when texture is 200% render at 4K it’s has microstutering.
Before the latest patch it was smooth all the time when moving camera on maximum zoom-out and absolutly no perfomance issue on my gaming rig, not even later in game… now it’s giving me a sensation of lowfps like microstuttering that it will give you motion sickness in my case.


4. Ressource still stuck on the second floor after dismantel.
In the last 2 games on the early patch .03 didn’t get this bug but not sure if it was fixed or not. Progress stuck on that floor.

Hey <3,
I found the same bug (4.) like you, I think :3

Found what’s the problem and to be clear - i play the game maxout on details and at FHD resolution - fullscreen borderless - vsync on + 200% resoluton scale (4K) + 80% UI size for better experience.

  • I saw an unusual GPU usage (around 87-90% maximum at 200% scale + fullscreen borderless. The problem disapear when the game let my gpu to go at 98-99% but im not sure what is the problem here that dosen’t let the GPU to go at full speed. Borderlles maybe ? I really don’t know but most of the time my GPU usage is under 90% and at this usage i get ~50-54 FPS and the microstutering appear, probably because of the frame that are not synced (vsync bug / on and of dosent make anny difference and the game dosent use the fullspeed GPU. (no problem on my PC side) tried other games and i did overclock the GPU and FPS and usage dosent change (strage behavior)

  • Changed to Fullscreen because usual in all others games this problem disapear and i’ve notice that the VSYNC is buged and you get tearing so much that the game is unplayeble. Changing VSYNC on or off dosent make anny diference, it’s broken. The GPU usage in fullscreen is 98-99% and that’s ok but the engine or the code has some problem because moving the game details to low or high the FPS dosent change and dosent align to 60 like the VSYNC should do, instead they are ~57 or ~63 and this is from where other problems appear (tearing and microstutering). Normal the FPS should be locked on 60FPS constantly with the VSYNC ON or unlimited with the VSYNC OFF, i really hope that the engine is not caped on 60FPS because it’s a big problem.

Please send this info and if you need my help just ask it in PM on Discord.

**Build 2020-05-05-0923-p15467–s
Seed: 1447297904
Normal Mode Hard - High Risk - High Reward

  1. Storage bug still present stuck with some waste**… the UI numbers vs the storaged waste it’s not equal so you get stuck with waste that cannot be burned. Look on my save and try to move the storaged waste. I did not investigate the bug to se what did triger.

6. Raining still dosent render corectly on the entire screen when zooming out. But now it’s better than the first time i’ve reported the bug, lets say now the render zice is loke 85%, before it was like 40%, still need a tweek.

7. Turret visual bug while upgrading, normal animation remain when it should disapear and overlaps with the upgraded one.

3. Performance bug - VSYNC BUG.- didn’t check because i dont play games under FHD res. I play in FHD with 4K overscale most of them because my rig can handle, in 100% ress scale game it’s oke (native FHD), no problem at all i think (didnt play more than 5min. I saw somebody in the discord with the same problem and asked him to post here but no dice yet. I finished the game and the problem occur sometimes and then dissapear randomly and it;s not related with the directly display rendering image, i was in the corner of the map and still microstutering. I’ve overclocked my rig to be sure that i get much more FPS that the engine can handle and randomly the problem its still there, finaly cheated and i’ve managed to go over 98% usage of GPU but not normaly that a game dosent go fo the full power. RTX2070 super as GPU with OC it much better than a normal RTX2080. Can’t test on older build to be sure this was introduced with the latest one but 100% sure that before 0.1.10.x it was good experience.

6. Raining still dosent render corectly - it was just a mention that it;s much better now but for a better to perfect visual quality could be improved.

5. Storage bug still present stuck with some waste
Nope, but i was ambitious about this game and finished the game with this bug and it was manageble buy building more storage and by prioritizing the cleaning the wast stuck on the finished game was under 100 i think, the stucked waste was increasing over time.
No building lost. But usual in HQ i dismantle the first storage after imediatly and build the Large one… then build a waste bin and keep start constructing…
Usual the waste bin bug occur most of the time when in second floor of HQ i construct Pods and Conversion … but not on the begining… only later in the game. On some point of the game i’m stoping to deposit in HQ ress and waste so i dismantle all and build only energy and fuel on all leveles and then i get stuck with some ressouce on the floor and then the storage bug get much harder to handle.