Building Placement

So if i build 2 adjacent Factory’s for example… both Entrances facing south-west… the game decides to turn the building (the connected one) 180 degrees (btw the inside too is 180 degrees turned so this should be so i think ) and now the Entrance of the connected Building is now facing north-east … i think this isn’t supposed to work that way… and honestly it screws with my OCD infused Building behaviour ^^ thx (and its not Factory Exclusive… all buildings which can be connected do this )

PS screen or saves aren’t necessary for this one and i BUG-reported this one in the game also… its a minor issue … but worth mentioning :wink:

Hi Orici_ger, this is something that bugged me too when I noticed it! At this moment, this issue taking lower priority as feature implementation and progress-blocking bugs are being worked on. Thanks for understanding!