Burrowing on top of to-be-spawned stairs bug


(Sorry for double video; I fumbled the screenshot button while playing)

Steps to reproduce: As Yves, Burrow in the center of a Hinox miniboss room while it explodes (presumably, this works with any miniboss and any “time-delayed” defeat method).

Expected behavior: Ideally, the stairs spawn and Yves is pushed over by a tile while remaining Burrowed.

Actual behavior: The stairs spawn, Yves is pushed over by a tile, and apparently instantly unburrows, idle animation and all. However, the disco floor does not appear, ABXYL remain greyed out, and none of the directional buttons work as if Yves is still Burrowed. Since Yves looks unburrowed but the directional buttons do not work, this may cause the player to think that the game has softlocked. Pressing R once will actually unburrow Yves and return the game state to normal.

Great find, thank you for bringing to our attention! I’ve relayed it to the team. :slight_smile: