Can´t start game - plugin applevision is missing

First time I ever received this message

@cherpat Hi there, welcome to the forums! Which game are you referring to? Industries of Titan or Necrodancer?

Thanks. Industries of Titan.

@cherpat Can I ask what platform you’re using? I did some research and AppleVision seems to be a Unreal Engine 4 thing for dealing with faces.

I know. I just use the pc platform like I did before.
Never had a problem.
Maybe I need to delete all instances and get a fresh release of Industries of Titan

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@cherpat Do you have any software that might be trying to detect a face? This is the first time someone has reported the issue - please let me know if deleting all instances and doing a fresh install works for you!

It seems to be related to the Unreal Engine - I found it on other forums

I have alot of games that use the Unreal Engine, so I don´t know what to look for

Strange, that Industries of Titan is the only game where the error pops up and I can´t get rid of it

It disappeared as mysteriously at it appeared. Works great now.

However, I´m done with your game cuz it never works
Always a bloody fuel or power issue