Cannot change graphic from fullscreen border to fullscreen borderless

And the problem that 99% of other games have joins this one as well.

If the game doesn’t start in 4k fullscreen borderless mode.
You cannot change it ingame settings. Its simply impossible.

In this game you get stuck at the point you click apply button.
Because the mouse pointer is nowhere near the point that it shows.

so you cannot click confirm.

Why even having the mouse pointer cursor if the real cursor is somewhere else ?


If the mouse pointer cursor is showing earth in reality is probably showing mars. But you dont see the real cursor anymore. So you cannot do anything anymore but to exit to windows and click terminate the game in task manager.

Can somebody please explain. Why this is so hard to fix ?

I mean if you’re having this in multiople games it seems much more of an issue with your system. Possibly an issue with your video drivers

Alternatively its likley that your DPI scaling on the OS level is causing issues as well

Noone of 3aaa titles have this problem. Since they have enginers that test basic things like resolution changes and they don’t come into “final” games.

only “cheap” games.

And leave my system alone.

Note you can disable DPI scaling on a per exe basis. Try disabling your DPI scaling on the titan.exe

@administrator1 Unfortunately, as a smaller company with many of us working from home still, we haven’t had a chance to really test the game on 4k monitors to the extent we’d like to (we just don’t have the resources!) However, we’d like to get this fixed if possible, so I will forward this along to a programmer and see if there’s a way we can test on our end. This is unfortunately the first time I’ve heard of this issue occurring, but if what @Satoru suggested does not work then we will continue to look into the problem. Please let me know if his suggestion was a solution for you! :smiley: Thanks so much for your post, it really helps us out.

It doesn’t work.

Usually the workaround is that you manually edit the “settings.ini” file.
And writhe different values…

But no idea where Titan has “settings.ini” files…

With Industries of titan u change to correct settings. Then go to windows and via task manager I end the game.

Usually this helps…

@administrator1 to access your GameUserSettings.ini file, go to %localappdata%\Titan\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and locate it there! You should be able to adjust from there :slight_smile:

What ini file are you referring to? Generally that’s Unity but Unity doesnt usually have many settings in the ini files as most of them are written to the registry. What ini settings would you think to be changing?

The only thing I can think of is maybe at 4k the UI scaling option is doing something. You can find that in the GameUsersSettings.ini under


The only other value that might be relevant is


Note I woudl also try disabling or using the application setting for DPI settings on Industries of Titan\Titan\Binaries\Win64\Titan-Win64-Shipping.exe as well. As maybe the DPI settings dont translate from teh titan.exe launcher to the actual executable


That is exactly what I was looking for.



Glad it worked out for you - thanks also to @Satoru for the excellent suggestions (I hope others looking for answers might be able to make use of them!) I’m curious though - the game is set up to default to fullscreen borderless, and to reflect your native resolution. I’m surprised that was not the case here. Did you change your settings at all prior to this?

@ byg_alexa

Every update sets the game back to fullscreen with border.
I thought it would be fixed by now. But still the same story…

@administrator1 Sorry, we were unaware that this was occurring - I have not seen any reports of this in the forums besides your post just now. When you say “Fullscreen with Border” are you referring to “Fullscreen Borderless”, which I believe is the default setting? Or are you referring to Fullscreen mode? If you like, you can take some screenshots of the settings screen, what you usually prefer they are set to, and what they are set to when you open a new patch of the game.

@ byg_alexa
I mean Fullscreen with borders.
I see a Start menu…

@administrator1 Do you mind providing a screenshot if possible? We are a bit confused and we can’t reproduce the issue on our end :frowning: Would like to get this fixed for you as soon as we can!