Cannot choose language

I’ve updated and replaced my translation file as your new translation guide describes. After game launch that file was updated automatically, got some metadata and some status like “new entry” or “deprecated text”, but I cannot choose language at in-game setting.

I tried some language-code like “ja-JP”,“JP-ja”, “ja”, “JP” or “zh-cn”, “fr”, “de-DE” but never work, “Language” drop-down was empty every time. only when I replaced “loc-en.txt” with my file it works but feel that is not proper way.

my translation file: (106.3 KB)


Thanks for catching this @Poge! I will investigate more on our end.

Hi @Poge - please try downloading our new patch, 0.4.1! We’ve fixed this particular issue :slight_smile:

Solved, now I can use my translation. thanks much @byg_alexa!

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