Cannot start New Game or Load Game

Phantom Brigade starts up and goes to the menu just fine. Epic launcher loads and updates the game just fine.

However when starting a new game, (with and without the tutorial) as well as loading a prior saved game, The game doesn’t start. Removing saved games and folders doesn’t affect anything towards fixing this error. Disabling 3rd party program (discord, steam, origin, Epic games) in-game overlays, launchers, programs running in the background, startup parameters as well as changing in-game graphics and sound settings doesn’t solve this issue either.

I hope this helps you solve this issue. I would like to play :slight_smile:


Only these errors were displayed in the log for me:

Hi there @Evan_Allen welcome to the forums! I’m sure you’ve already done this, but if you haven’t tried the following they would be good places to start:

  1. whitelist Phantom Brigade with your antivirus software
  2. uninstall the game and reinstall it (and then verify it through Epic Games Store)
  3. create a copy of your save folder to a safe location somewhere else on your computer, and then delete your original save folder entirely

I believe your issue is caused by a specific one of your save files - we’ve actually got a fix incoming in the next patch that should keep a single corrupted save file from preventing gameplay entirely. If you were particularly attached to your save game from before, I would suggest grabbing each folder individually from your backup and putting it into your Saves folder one by one, to see if you can identify which save is corrupted - if you delete that folder, you should have access to your saves again.

Let me know how it works out for you!

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Thank you for your help! I think I made a mistake in the order of deleting the save file and telling Epic Games to Verify on the first attempt, but on the second attempt it seems to be working as intended!

The cloud saved games are loading as well as New Games!

I waited until today to try again due to the incoming update, just FYI

Thanks again!

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