Cant change settings


The game starts in a low resolution, i realize that my cursor is offset (the point on the screen is not the same as the points where it “clicks”)
I enter setting to change the resolution and change it in the roll-down menu (change it to 1920*1080).
Now I try and press apply but my mouse is not where it suppose to be so i cant.
I try and press escape to go back and i get a promt if i want to keep the settings, i try to press yes keep the setting, BUT the presses are not regestering on either on the buttons. So i have to press Alt-f4 to get out.

Hi there @filip_stalnacke - you might want to try deleting your previous settings in file explorer and then starting the game again to see if it helps. %localappdata%\Titan\ is the location of the files - just delete your Settings folder and then start the game again.


Late reply, but this worked!

Thank you

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