Change how exploring fog of war works

I feel like the way to explore fog of war should be changed, just constructing outposts makes the exploration of the map feel too slow and a bit uninspiring, when exploring should be wondrous

Something like how northgard does it would suit it better. Hire a worker as a cartographer and send him off to explore the world and report back, when they get to the edge they’ll spend time “exploring” and some of the fog will lift and they’ll carry on.


This is something we are currently having discussions about. We want to add exploration into this game and have it be tied to the ships that you create. It is planned for a future update.

Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense that rebel ships fly around no problem but ours are bound to stay within the viewing limits of our outposts.

I think you should introduce the ability to organise scouting and attack expeditions at some point.