Claiming Pirate Tiles While Burrowed Does not let you dismantle

Build Number / Patch Number: p21080
Seed Number:1462844930
Type of Bug: UI/Usability
Blocking Progression: no
Result of Save/Load: no
Short description: Unable to dismantle pirate tiles if you claim them while burrowed

  1. borrow city
  2. claim tiles owned by pirates
  3. dismantle button greyed out, backspace unable to work

Work around

  1. Disable command center
    2)Enable command center

This seems to ‘flip’ the claimed tile so it can be dismanteled

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Ohohhh thanks @Satoru! Excellent catch as always :wink:

actually in my existing game this bug seem to manifest itself in general and doesn’t require burrowing

This is in 6.2 and look where the command center is in Eta-78. this command center was just built. you can claim any of the rebel tiles, but tehy will say its outside of command range

Might still be related to burrowing though? Recently i seem to fat finger burrow instad of upgrade. So ive alraeady ‘burrowed’ once on this map. Possible the one tme causes this issue?

GameData.7z (1.3 MB)