Closed Alpha 0.3, 0.0.10-b216

We have received a lot of good feedback from our alpha testers, and we’re making good progress! We’re still focusing on cleaning up and polishing what we have, so we have new narrative events, made improvements to the tutorial, and made some general balance adjustments, but we’ve mainly fixed bugs.

A big thank you to our alpha testers as always!

The Phantom Brigade Team

Changes in Alpha 0.3, 0.0.10-b216

  • General balance adjustments
  • More narrative events added
  • Improved overworld tutorial
  • Enhanced terrain system
  • Pilot fatigue/morale is now exposed
  • New intro fly over sequence
  • Added difficulty ratings to POI
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Fixed issues:

  • More various fixes made to melee collision animations
  • Shield actions now cost heat
  • Melee range adjustments
  • Fixed fallback melee not costing heat
  • Fixed animation when firing a weapon and waiting in the opposite direction of the enemy
  • Fixed issues with dash animation
  • Events no longer spawn in the starting province
  • Base can now engage in narrative battles after loading
  • Various typos and UI fixed
  • Fixed missing tiles on slopes in combat maps
  • Fixed pop in the mech pose when a limb is destroyed
  • Fixed an error from entering combat unequipped