Closed Alpha Patch Notes 0.3,

Hello Brigadiers,

Today, we welcomed in a new wave of Alpha testers, and with a new wave of testers comes a new patch. We have been working hard adding many new exciting features, improving combat, and narrative events. We’re feeling good about our progress, and can’t wait to show you what’s to come.

The Phantom Brigade Team

Changes in Alpha 0.3,

Important Notice: You must create a NEW CAMPAIGN to avoid bugs and properly experience this content. The overworld and game content has changed dramatically since the last update, and you’ll need to start over!

Feature Additions

  • Additional Campaign Systems
    • Narrative Events: Explore the war torn countryside of the homeland, encountering unique events and points of interest, making difficult decisions, and reaping the consequences thereof.
    • Concussive Damage: Knock out enemy pilots by overwhelming them with salvos of weapon fire. Bonus concussive damage if you hit them from behind. But beware, your pilots are vulnerable too, so watch your back!
      • (Concussive damage will eventually impact your pilot’s overall morale, along with a variety of other factors, so stay tuned for updates along the way!)
      • *Concussive damage has no UI elements right now, so may be hard to understand. We will add UI in a future update.
    • Enemy Counterattacks: The occupiers will launch counter attacks aimed at retaking the areas you liberate from them. Fight them off to keep hope alive!
    • Enemy Convoys: Hit the enemy where it hurts the most, right in the logistics! Raid supply convoys to deprive the enemy of valuable resources and bolster the brigade!
    • Initial hope system added. Liberate homeland provinces by raising their hope level. Once a province is sufficiently inspired, they will actively resist the occupiers, giving you more time to respond to enemy incursions.
  • More Varied Combat Scenarios
    • Combat encounters can now include multiple waves of enemies if the right conditions are met.
    • Enemies will approach from various areas of the battlefield, so stay frosty!
    • More to come in future updates…

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed tooltips being shown when hovering over parts of the mech
  • Fixed critical issues warning on a crafted unit frame until player enters the unit menu
  • Fixed an occasional bug where the line pointing to a targeted unit is not deleted and gets re-positioned when an attack action is cancelled
  • Fixed an occasional bug where previous movement action lines stay into the next action
  • Fixed disabling the unit selection buttons on the timeline by double-clicking a unit in combat
  • Fixed a typo in the crashed pilot pod description
  • Fixed salvages getting cancelled if player enters and leaves combat
  • Made the “Deploy” SFX quieter
  • The base is no longer controllable in the danger state
  • Enemy squad no longer triggers a game over interaction after defeat in combat
  • Fixed an occasional bug where repair does not restore integrity back to exactly 1.00
  • Shortened the length of the danger state; changed to hours as opposed to minutes
  • First battle after recovering from danger state is no longer won instantly
  • Fixed an issue where the player is given the option to salvage after losing combat
  • Fixed an issue where pilots could not be controlled if they are rescued after being ejected
  • Inputs on pause screen or bug reporter are no longer valid
  • Fixed combat camera always starting in the far corner of the map
  • Inventory now shown on site inventory screen
  • Fixed mechs T-Posing as they descend a slope (only occurred when jumping from the left leg while firing a heavy weapon)
  • Fixed hover UI on enemies in combat showing inaccuracies
  • Fixed secondary weapon staying holstered while dual wielding single-handed weapons
  • Fixed mech staying standing after ejecting
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