Closed Alpha Patch Notes 0.3,

Hello Brigadiers! Here’s another set of Patch Notes for the Closed Alpha. It is largely bug fixes, but we also made some changes to the Mountain Base combat Scenario.

We’ve really enjoyed getting feedback from everyone who is currently in the Closed Alpha! If you have not been invited to the Closed Alpha yet, fear not - we aren’t finished yet, and still have plans for another wave of testers. That said, we received a lot of registrants, and unfortunately we won’t be able to get everyone in.

You’ll hear from us again soon!

The Phantom Brigade Team

Changes in Alpha 0.3,

  • Bug fixes!
  • Changes to the Mountain Base combat scenario

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Salvage screen being visible during site inventory
  • Rebalanced concussive damage
  • Fixed error after hovering off a piece of equipment
  • Fixed Salvage buttons being invisible but not disabled in Site Inventory screen
  • Fixed player being allowed to deploy with no mechs in their squad link
  • Warning now appears when using Enter to execute a turn with no orders
  • Fixed error when saving a game with “?” character in the name
  • Fixed missing overworld tutorial
  • Fixed errors on save after “A POW was Taken” event
  • Fixed issues with the “War Memorial” event
  • Storage Caches can now be interacted with
  • Proceeding past victory screen now sends player straight to Salvage decision screen
  • UI is left over when exiting to main menu and starting a new game
  • If mech repair is queued in Edit Unit mode, UI is not cleared correctly and repair cannot be cancelled
  • Occasionally, waves spawn incorrect units
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