Closed Alpha Patch Notes 0.3,

With a new closed alpha wave comes a new patch! We’re excited to test an introductory cutscene added to the game, more narrative events, and some new additions to combat.

Look forward to hearing from us again soon!

The Phantom Brigade Team

Changes in Alpha 0.3,

  • Balance changes to weapons and concussive damage
  • Intro cutscene test added
  • Smoke screen
  • Enemies are now able to Eject and Surrender
  • More narrative events added
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Fixed Issues

  • Units disabled due to concussive damage will no longer cause a crash if you run into them
  • Collision now has levels between the colliding units
  • Unit edit is now locked until the mech is repaired
  • Player starting Kilo mech no longer floats in Mountain Base
  • Concussive damage on shotguns and sniper rifles rebalanced
  • Enemy mech on Mountain Base no longer spawns with barrier
  • Typo on Gersund farm
  • Loading a save made after editing a unit no longer loads most recent change
  • Player can now interact with villages spawned from “Smoke!” event
  • Fixed an AI issue which caused enemy units to occasionally choose oscillating paths

Hello! I’m eager to see more development in PB as time goes on, but I do have questions.

  1. Is the release date still in 2020, and if so when should we expect it?

  2. Is there going to be public testing? If not, is it possible to get access to the private testing?

Thank you.

Hi @Cergear and welcome to the forums! I’d encourage you to sign up to our Alpha Testing program if you haven’t already:
We do not have a set release date planned for Phantom Brigade at this time!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’ve been following PB’s development since the beginning of the year. Can’t wait to sign up for alpha testing! :grin: :woozy_face: If I get the chance to try out the game I’ll be sure to give feed back!