Closed Alpha Release Notes 0.2.0

Hi Everyone,

Since the last update, we have been focusing on improving UI, visuals, and audio, adding customization options and testing the campaign from start to finish.

Most of the UI in the game got a significant upgrade in readability and functionality, exposing more stats on equipment and crucial information about enemy troops in the overworld. We have also added a new livery color pallet system, equipment perks and auxiliary subsystems.

Visuals also got a substantial upgrade, some of the armor sets have been reworked and improved using the new texturing pipeline. Also, a large amount of work has been done developing new animations and improving the existing once.

When it comes to audio, we have added new music and ambient tracks to the new main menu and new SFX for guns. In addition to that, many of the combat and overworld sound effects have been expanded and improved.

Finally, a big task that we have been working on is developing and testing the camping from start to finish in a scaled-down format. This process involved improving the overworld unit AI and the logic of the AI commander, adding patrols and investigation squads, and prototyping new missions and the overall balance and for the entire campaign.

Over the course of theis development cycle, our primary focus was on testing how it feels to play through the entire campaign and improving the overall gaming experience. Now that we have verified that and made sure that the game is playable from start to finish, we can expand the campaign with more content.

Thank you!

Phantom Brigade Team

New Features and Notable Changes


  • Prototyped mountain base capture mission
  • Prototyped final campaign mission
  • Added game over and victory states
  • Added a soft game over state
  • Prototyped a time skip mechanic
  • Dynamically spawned sites and generated locations
  • Improved specialization of military branches
  • Added a defense-oriented unit to all military branches
  • Added timed overworld events for salvaging, repair and unit creation


  • Added custom livery patterns
  • Addition or perks
  • Addition of auxiliary subsystems
  • Added new weapon set which includes nine new weapons
  • Expanded two existing weapons sets
  • Added part leveling
  • Added part quality tiers
  • Added part intel level
  • Added ability to craft new mechs and starting sets
  • Fused subsystems can no longer be customized


  • Added unit patrols
  • Adde unit investigation groups
  • Adde province specializations
  • Added Hidden storage caches
  • Improved the AI commander behavior
  • Improved overworld AI tracking
  • Moved overworld generation system to a seed-based solution


  • Added new Handgun SFX (Heavy, Semiauto, Automatic)
  • Added new Machinegun SFX (Heavy, Medium, Sub)
  • Added new Rifle SFX (Assault, Marksman, Sniper)
  • Added new Shotgun SFX (Heavy, Semiauto, Automatic)
  • Added new Anti Air Tank SFX
  • Added Worldmap Ambience (Day/Night cycle)
  • Added Timescrub sound and Combat Ambience hooked up again
  • Added Titlescreen Ambience, Music and UI (Temp)
  • Designed Overworld UI SFX
  • Designed Salvaging SFX
  • Designed Mobile base movement SFX
  • Designed overheating and shutdown sequence SFX in combat
  • Designed Melee Impacts SFX


  • Updated the visuals of the Asgard armor set
  • Improved the pipeline for texturing units
  • Added visuals for the new weapon set


  • Improved mech slide to stop animations
  • Created single-handed weapon variant jumping animations
  • Changed holstering setup, so last used weapon remains unholstered

Maps and Scenarios

  • Added a mountain base map
  • Added a capital city map


  • Added of the Main Menu
  • Added of Option settings
  • Added patch notes UI / roadmap UI
  • Added changelog/roadmap and feedback hub links to the main menu
  • Added Overworld Unit banners
  • Added HUD for displaying loot after combat
  • Added Interface for calculating the threat rating of overworld units
  • Added UI for timed overworld Events
  • Improved Item sorting UI
  • Improved starts preview UI
  • Added 3D preview of parts on the mechs as they are select or viewed in the inventory
  • Improved tooltip UI


  • Many bug fixes and optimizations across the entire game ( ~340 to be precise)