Closed Alpha Release Notes 0.2.1

Hi everyone,

Over the course of the last week, we have been mostly focusing on communicating with playtesters, fixing bugs, and addressing the feedback from the closed alpha playtesters. We hope that the added changes and fixes improve your experience.

Note, that the save format has changed, so if you want your old saves to load, make sure to rename the following folders: World to OverworldEntities, Provinces to OverworldProvinces and Actions to CombatActions. Thank you very much for taking the time to playtest the game. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you!

Phantom Brigade Team

New Features and Notable Changes


  • Enemy units deployed in combat encounters now persist for 48 hours, allowing you to return to battle sites where you were defeated to finish off the remaining enemies. After 48 hours, overworld site garrisons and squads are reinforced and can again spawn a full set of randomly determined units when you initiate combat with them.

  • Added support for saving/loading of timed events (salvage, rescue, repair, build) and associated data (base deployment, site interaction lock)

  • Added support for saving/loading of internal names (previously there was potential for events and units to lose their parent objects in bigger saves)

  • Added support for saving/loading of production status (cities with recruitable pilots now save their progress)

  • Added a new identification system that supplies proper randomized names to every overworld entity (settlements,squads, etc.) based on their preferred naming group and rules.

  • Added an overlay system for overworld provinces: zoom out on the world map to see names and factions of every province, hover over them for additional information.

  • Added descriptions to some overworld objects like mobile base and overworld provinces

  • Updated navmesh graph to make pathfinding a bit more efficient and accurate

  • Updated province layout to be more intuitive and less compact

  • Updated hardcoded saved sites and units

Base & Equipment

  • Added an option to dismantle parts and subsystems: select a piece of equipment in your inventory and click the button at the bottom of information widget to do so. Dismantling provides a bit of scrap that can be used towards build orders.

  • Pilots should now be visible in a list even if they are currently piloting another mech

  • Rebalanced mass on all equipment.

  • Added back demolition and AOE equipment.


  • Added a basic feedback UI that can be opened by pressing Shift+Tab. A feedback message sent through that window automatically attaches hardware information, basic info about game state, screenshot and log message in addition to your comment.
  • Bug reporting system now embeds system and game information into the log
  • Changed time unit of the whole game to hours instead of a scaled minute
  • Updated shield textures to use latest texture asset workflow
  • Finalized textures on the new weapon set
  • Added ability to jump while sliding and improved running jump animations to cover the entirety of jump navigation links


  • Fixed fully resolved enemy units (units at sites that previously defeated the player) not being able to participate in next combat encounters at the same site
  • Fixed ghost projectiles persisting from previous combat encounters
  • Fixed melee weapons and empty part appearing as loot
  • Fixed interaction system triggering when loading the game, which was an issue when save was created within the base
  • Fixed enemy pilots being destroyed if they were victorious, preventing persistent garrisons from working properly
  • Fixed deployment of more than 4 units
  • Fixed an issue where combat missions being entered more than once resulted in an instant victory or loss
  • Fixed pilots being lost after re-assigning
  • Fixed site descriptions not showing up
  • Fixed overlay UI not being removed when an overworld entity was destroyed, potentially breaking parts of overworld UI
  • Fixed movement and FX speed I don’t know this one, please elaborate
  • Fixed stat comparisons not showing up correctly between different parts and subsystems
  • Fixed stat comparisons not showing up when a stat was rounded
  • Fixed the tank in the mountain base which would not move until players stepped on the elevated ground
  • Fixed timed event depth putting it in front of the inventory view, obstructing information
  • Fixed workshop action cost not showing up
  • Fixed Elbrus armor shoulder mesh normal smoothing
  • Fixed mechs getting up when being destroyed while getting up
  • Fixed unit validator widget not being docked above unit stats window correctly
  • Fixed aux hydraulics name typo
  • Fixed random upper right armor on the bottom blackbird part
  • Fixed secondary weapon being holstered during combat while dual-wielding single-handed weapons
  • Fixes to crashing utility code
  • Fixed site descriptions not showing up for a certain combination of intel levels