Completely lost

Ive had this game for about 3 months I win every battle and still cant figure out the stats, why are there 2 different integrity stats on parts? what do they mean? why is there no easy way to look up this info, no manual for the game? my level on the mech does not reflect anything about my difficulty im lvl 6 easy taking out lvl 11s help me figure this out super confusing UI super confusing everything. BTW i very much like this game just lost

Hi there @moz and welcome to the forums! Sorry you have been having difficulties - as we are in early access we haven’t been able to focus on tutorializing the game or improving our UI much at all. These are definitely things we want to do before launch (and I would actually say they are necessary things we MUST do in order to have a successful launch!) but currently they are on the backburner while we address other, more serious bugs and issues.

If you’re not already part of our discord, there are many folks there who can help explain things if you are getting stuck! But, for now, I can try to answer some questions:

On the stats, you really only want to be paying attention to the bigger numbers at the top. I’ll use the Knox M Body as an example (I think your units start with that armor). Every single ‘level’ of Knox M armor has the same ‘base’ stats (which are the smaller stats with the blue and red bars), that are then multiplied by the level of the part (which affects the bigger numbers at the top of the stat box). We’re aware it’s a very confusing system!

I’m not sure how you are taking out lvl11 mechs with your lvl6 units, but maybe you’re just playing very well! :smiley: