Connected Mines May Cause Issues?

So generally speaking, I look around teh map for an isotope nodes so i have a steady stream of isotopes. It sort of feels like when I have 2 mines connected, tehre’s a higher chance of it being bugged with the worker AI not picking up when its full, than if I just use a single mine

Thanks for the lead, @Satoru! I’ll keep an eye out for weird connected mine behavior. To follow-up, do you usually connect mines that contain different resources? (So that when they connect they have both isotopes and minerals in storage?)

Generally no. I use mines mostly to get an isotope node up and running.

I noticed the ‘single’ thing being better, because if I used mines for mineral/isotope deposit, I don’t see this issue as much, because I dont use connected mines for deposits. I use the connected mines for nodes to increase the mining rate on them, so they would only have 1 type of resource on it.

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Hey one more question @Satoru do you usually find that mines tend to bug out when you have more than one mine in your city at any given time?

In terms of connected mines I generally would only ahve at most 2 of them. One for isotopes and one for minerals, as doing that more or less keeps my economy going. I dont even generally do the mineral node one as I get enough minerals from salvaging buildings.

But in my next run I’ll try to isolate my connected mine to one isotope node and see how that behaves

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So I tried out a game with only a single connected mine but that mine eventually got bugged out too

Not sure if this is coincidental, but I did notice that I had a ton of idle workers if I did a ‘repair all’ but then didnt have any money to finish all the repairs. This seemed to exacerpbate teh idle worker syndrome

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