Consistent pause menu crash

It appears that if you change pause menu panel (by pressing L/R, or navigating with the cursor) and press +/Plus to unpause at the same time, the game just crashes.

I tried reproducing this while using handheld mode - are you using a pro controller or while the switch is docked? Just curious :slight_smile: this is the second time someone has reported this one, but I can’t seem to get it to happen.

I’ve been able to reproduce it with Pro Controller, Joycon and keyboard. Not actually tried it undocked tho.
Easiest way to reproduce for me it is through a keyboard (I + Enter while in Inventory), since it’s much easier to time the presses to be at the same time on it for me.

It might be frame-perfect input, requiring both presses at the exact same time, not entirely sure.

Thanks Cloudmax!

Seems like this was fixed in 1.1.1 (even though it’s not actually mentioned in the patch notes), thanks!