Conversion Center connecting Crash

  • Build Number / Patch Number:

    • Experimental 0.1.25
  • Seed Number
    Don’t know, not relevant for this bug a.f.a.i.k.

  • Type of Bug

    • Crash
  • Blocking Progression?

    • Yes , file unusable
  • Result of Save/Load?

    • Yes
  • Short description of what is happening
    I connected two conversion centers. One of them was full of waste. After connecting i couldn’t convert even though is said 0/8 waste, 6 citizens and enought artifacts and energy.
    I went into main menu to reload the save and now i can’t load the file because the game crashes after finishing loading

  • Reproduction Steps
    I was able to recreate it but had two situations. In one the connected had 0 waste, in the other 4 waste. Both resulted in a unusable file.

  • Build conversion center

  • convert until full of waste

  • build another conversion center next to it

  • connect

  • you shouldn’t be able to convert

  • reload safe

Crash Report


Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000148

Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGBuildingBase::GenerateWaste() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\World\CityTiles\Buildings\BYGBuildingBase.cpp:1625]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGConvertPopToWorkerJob::Complete() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\World\Management\Jobs\BYGConvertPopToWorkerJob.cpp:355]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGConvertPopToWorkerJob::GameTick() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\World\Management\Jobs\BYGConvertPopToWorkerJob.cpp:244]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGHeart::Update() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\World\BYGHeart.cpp:500]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!ABYGGameState::Tick() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Core\BYGGameState.cpp:104]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!__scrt_common_main_seh() [d:\agent_work\4\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl:288]

Attaching Save Files

Hi @Dearex, thank you very much for this detailed report and your save file. I was able to reproduce the crash using your file. At what point in the reproduction steps did you save? Was it after trying to convert on the connected conversion center or while it is connecting?

Actually, I managed to reproduce this exactly! We now have this logged and will be working on a fix. Thank you so much for your great reproduction steps :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:
Is there a chance i can use my file again? Because of Hardcore mode?

If not, i was only about 2h into the game so not that bad :smile:
I hope I can help with other issues in the future

Sadly I don’t think your game can be recovered. Fortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce this in any other game modes so your save should be safe if you avoid hardcore mode for now!

Hm, if I remember right, I tested an reproduced it in a normal game on easy difficulty without hardcore (saving after the connection is finished when you can’t convert citizens)

I can test a little bit if I am back home

My reseach led to the following, and i might even have pinned down the problem :smile:
Gamemode: (No Hardcore, Tutorial disabled, every listed try is a new safe file)

  • Standard, Difficultiy:
    • Easy - Both (2/3)
    • Titan - Crash (1/1)
  • Survival, Difficulty:
    • no new tests this session
  • Zen
    • Crash (1/1)

Things I notced:

  • It only crashes if i try to continue the game (unpause) after reloading.
  • To reach the “Full of waste”-State I had to convert three citizen, although after two it shows 4/4 waste (I can just Convert another, resulting in 6/4 waste, but it only shows 4/4 (I know this, because in the one not-crashing case the connected had 6/8 waste).
  • According to the Full Center the direction of the new Center always led to the following (tried directions on the same save file (saved before connecting and reused) with and without crashes):
    • ⇗ No Crash (~2/2)
    • ⇘ Crash (~7/7)
    • ⇙ Crash (1/1)
    • ⇖ No Crash (1/1)

Things I assume but did not enough testing:

  • It doesn’t matter if you connect on the Full or on the empty Center (~4 tries)
  • It doesn’t matter if you start building the second while the 3rd conversion or after the “full” state (two tries)

Whoa this is incredibly helpful @Dearex!! Thank you very much for the update! Needing to convert three citizens to get the “full of waste” state is by design.

Ok thanks! I would prefer some explanation or hint, because it shows still 4/4 waste and might be confusing :slight_smile:

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