Conversion Centre breaking game

Build Number / Patch Number: 2021 - 03 - 04 - 2258 - p24661 - v0.10.1 - b4269 - S
Seed Number: 1474362230
Type of Bug: Gameplay
Blocking Progression: Yes
Result of Save/Load: No
Short description:I have had it happen a few times now that when I build a conversion centre I have no problems but the second I convert a citizen with one my job list goes haywire. Also all the jobs disappear and if i try upgrading or constructing a building it will add 1 - 15 to the job list on that item and then nothing happens.
save game: 75.08 MB folder on MEGA


I’ve had the same issue since the latest update. Once the conversion centre was built and utilised, the game grinds to a halt. Trash piles up without creating a job to clean it, buildings sit waiting for materials to be constructed, workers sit idle whilst the world around them is asking for workers :slight_smile:

Prior to that I had no issues outside my own incompetencies.


3rd’ed - seems to be the case for me as well on multiple seeds. I did submit a save and bug report with this last week as well through the in game reporter. Seemed okay with just 1 small conversion centre but 2 built and combined caused the issue.