Could the "wait" action be removed / replaced by "turn"?

I find the “wait” action very annoying because :

  • we can’t define its duration on the time bar
  • we can’t define it for a short time (I think it’s because clicking near our mech reselects it)
  • we can’t always place our mouse in the direction we want to turn towards because of buildings or terrain
  • there can be a discrepancy between predicted and final wait time due to terrain elevation

Instead of this “wait” movement, couldn’t it simply be removed ? Of course it would necessitate adjustments to other actions such as :

  • allowing us to slide the “run” and “dash” movements in the timeline. That way we can still create a waiting period but in a more convenient way (we would define the starting point of these movements just like we do for attacks or shields)
  • adding a “turn” action. This one would be placed in the top part of the timeline (like attacks), usable when stationary and also while running (since mechs can shoot in any direction while running anyway, why not just face a direction), and would have a short duration (mechs would remain in that direction until the next turn/attack/dash/shield). It would also allow selecting either a point on the ground, or an enemy to face.

I suspect I’m missing something here, because I don’t understand why we can’t slide the run and dash movements. There must be a reason…


You can already change the length of the “wait” command. Once placed on the timebar, you can shorten or lengthen it by having the mouse closer or further to the mech you are commanding. Basically just like you would change the “time” of the regular run action.

If wait was removed, I would have a very hard time doing the “move out of cover, wait while shooting for better accuracy, move back into cover while venting, repeat 2-3 times in one turn” that I use on several of my skirmish mechs.
Unless you would be able to freely plot run/dash commands, as you suggests. I guess it has something to do with how the game “reads” the timeline.

I know ! I wasn’t clear enough, I meant “by clicking on the time bar”. It would seem logical to define the wait duration on the time bar itself, even if you had to click after that to select a direction to face.

Oh god this drives me up the wall. Just the general lack of precision with setting wait actions is infuriating.

This would be great.

Honestly, I think you could remove the concept of turning with very little loss to the overall game; certainly less than would be made up for by streamlining the UI.


True, but this is extremely janky. I often have to try 4-5 times to get it to work the way I want, if it’s even possible.

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Ah, got what you mean now.
Still, I dont think we need to remove the wait function entirely. Just add more control of the different segments, so that you can stretch Wait directly or move “run” or “dash” parts around like you can move the shoot and Shield parts.

I think for the wait function either the “target” cursor (heading cursor?) should always stay the same elevation as the mech feet. I think that would help with some of the undesired behavior you get when trying to use it, like when standing next to a cliff. Either that, or holding down shift keeps it at the same elevation, like the “hold shift for orthogonal” in autocad or such.

I’d also love a “automatically generate wait time to weapon firing duration” function, because a good chunk of using the wait tool is laying down a wait so I can plan movement after firing a sniper rifle or MG. Not every time, because sometimes a walking MG barrage or snap shot with a marks rifle is desirable, but with some weapons you lay down a wait every single time you fire it, and that gets old.

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The point I’m trying to make is that “wait” would become completely useless if we could move “run” and “dash” around. Why keep it if you can plan any action more easily without it ?
Or maybe I’m not seeing why it would still be useful.

I also added to the original post that we would define the starting point of wait and dash just like we do for attacks or shields, by clicking on the time bar. So in a way, the “wait” would be included in the setup of following actions.

Yeah but that’s a layer of strategy that could be added with little effot : turn your mech in the direction you want to avoid losing a damaged arm, even while moving. You wouldn’t need to use it, but it would be better to have the option. Importantly, mechs can already turn while moving since they can shoot so it makes sense and the code is already here.