Could you please stop adding new features and fix basic things that are there from beginning?

I have absolutely no idea why you add new features to the game without fixing your most basic things that are wrong from the beginning ?

  • stuck employes everywhere (out of 190 employes 140 are stuck somewhere on the map. By the buildings on empty tiles…

I use 4.2 version and this is the problem from the beginning.

Its worse than that simcity ai pathing that destroyed it.
Maybe ask cities skyline developers how they do their ai pathing.
So this game doesnt go down the same route that doomed the Simcity.

Agree, but they held a vote on Discord, and new features won out over stability as a priority.

Note that the developers have been working on the worker idle issues, as evidenced by the various fixes in each patch

What you have to understand that there are 2 different things

Symptom : workers are stuck idle - this is what you see
Root Cause: Aka why are workers idle - you dont see this and this can have multiple independent different causes

Think of it like saying “fix my headache”. Ok well what does that mean? Is giving you a tylenol ‘fixing’ that problem? What you’re really asking implicitly is ‘why do i have a headache’. And that could vary from “you have a hangover” to “you have a brain tumor”. Now consider you have both of these conditions. I look at your apartment see lots of open alcohol, and tell you to stop drinking. Well I did fix one part of your headache problem, your hangover. But the brain tumor is still there so you still have headaches.

The other issue with workers being idle is that it can happen via cascade effects that happened hours before you even notice it. Lets consider this hypothetical situation “worker goes into idle state when carrying resources to a building that gets cancelled”. you’ve got a busy city, you place a building, then realize that the placement was kinda bad and cancel it. Now 3 wokers who happen to be carrying stuff ot it are in this bugged state. You tehn play more and then realize these 3 workers are bugged.

You then send this report and save to the devs. Now the devs open your save look at those 3 workers and see “oh hmm well this worker’s AI queue is negative which is wrong”. But the problem is that this is just the symptom. What is the cause? The dev can look at your map, but the building you cancelled happened 2 hours ago and you replaced it with something else. So its not obvious why the worker has this negative queue state.

Thus even understanding why a worker becomes idle is a challenge because the cascade effects arent obvious, and could have happened much much farther back in time than your saves indicate.

“Fixing idle workers” isnt a single bug. Its a symptom of possibly dozens of entirely different bugs. Bugs that could be very difficult to fix since even finding the root cause of ‘why’ is a challenge.

Also as you add new features you potentially add new logic to the AI in order for the AI to navigate new features. So does it make sense to simply stop layering new features to try to fix a problem, that is itself a moving target.

The devs are doing both. They’re adding new features as well as addressing the various issues as well.


Just to clarify, the poll held in the Discord was not really a vote, but a way for us to gauge where the community stands. The number of people who value stability more than new features was a greater number than we would like, so we actually are scaling back new Titan Tuesdays to focus more on stability over new features.

It is unrealistic for us to completely halt new features; new features will introduce new bugs and cause issues with existing features which we will need to address anyways, and the fact is that most players do look forward to them!

That said, we understand that the current state can be frustrating. @Satoru posted some great insight on why the idle workers issue in particular is difficult to tackle, but we recently brought on a Tech Director who will be a great help on this front. We’re doing what we can and we’re thankful for your patience and understanding. :slight_smile:

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Well funny thing. I started to think and blow up the only ship I had and dismantled the shipyard.
And guess what ?
like 90% of stuck employes started to work again.
Buildings started to be built again.
Most of the things went back to “normal”.

I guess there is something really wrong with shipyard and ships…

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Im surprised you even get to 190 employees with how barebones the game is, I get bored waay before that, probably why new content won over stability

I mean it’s still in development so I expect both more content and stable gameplay before release. But in terms of what is needed most urgently, I don’t think it’s possible to do “serious” testing with such gamebreaking bugs as the employees giving up on life.


Maybe a solution here would be a “kick all workers in the pants” button, resetting every worker to idle to that they begin looking for a new job? Plus, the use of such a button could give the DEVs some insights into how often the worker system is breaking down and needing a kick in the pants. Maybe this could be a workaround until the underlying problems get fixed?