CPU and GPU tremperature

Dear Team,

I have realized that your game stress the GPU (i9 10900k liquid cooled) and the GRP (RTX 2080 Ti).
CPU and GPU reach same temperature similar to game like Witcher 3 or Assassin Creed Odissey.
and when I speed up the game (2nd or 3rd level) the game slow down and temperature goes up (triggering my temperature control to avoid higher temperature).

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Same issue here, the game take 64% of my i7 8700K, weird.

I’ve been trying to only associate one core, too slow (laggy), with 4 cores associated to the app’, the games runs smoothly but still tries to kill the CPU/GPU unit.

I feel that i’m mining some bitcoins with that game at each runs, did it happen with previous versions ?

Yes unfortunately it’s been a pretty consistent issue for us - because we have not yet entered an optimization stage of development we have a pretty significant amount of tech debt built up :frowning: it’s in the plans for the next couple months to start focusing on cleaning up the backend of things. We really appreciate your patience :smiley:


I’m just getting into the early access so I don’t have the history of the changes, thanks for the reply !

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