Crash Bug - Loading Autosave + Save Game warning bug?

Build Number / Patch Number: p15467

Seed Number: 1447290207

Type of Bug: Crash bug

Blocking Progression: yes

Result of Save/Load: yes

  • Standard mode

  • Hard difficulty

  • High risk/high reward map type

  • Can load save from 6:53 pm and earlier

  • Loading autosave from 8:18pm crashes games

  • Also despite loading the save game previously, the Save game warning appears for my 8:18pm autosave. I had loaded a 6:53pm autosave which gave this error. Then played from there a bit. I would have assumed that loading the save and then saving it would no longer show the save versioning error. Possibly save version error is fauling?


Unhandled exception

Titan_Win64_Shipping!BYGXml::FDeviceData::FDeviceD ata()
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGDeviceBase::Init() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\devices\ bygdevicebase.cpp:361]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGDeviceBase::BYGSerialize( ) [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\devices\ bygdevicebase.cpp:308]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!operator<<() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\devices\ storage\bygstoragedevice.cpp:48]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!operator<<() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\manageme nt\bygstoragemanagement.cpp:762]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGCityTileBase::SerializeCh ildren() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\citytile s\bygcitytilebase.cpp:270]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGBuildingBase::SerializeCh ildren() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\citytile s\buildings\bygbuildingbase.cpp:369]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGStorageTile::SerializeChi ldren() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\citytile s\buildings\bygstoragetile.cpp:26]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!operator<<() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\manageme nt\bygcity.cpp:507]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!operator<<() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\world\manageme nt\views\bygcityview.cpp:80]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!operator<<() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\player\bygplay ercontroller.cpp:558]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGSaveGame::LoadData() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\core\save\bygs avegame.cpp:219]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGSaveManager::CompleteLoad Game() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\core\save\bygs avemanager.cpp:329]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!ABYGPlayerController::UpdateM ainGainLoad() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\player\bygplay ercontroller.cpp:1575]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!ABYGPlayerController::PlayerT ick() [c:\iot_build\iot itan\source itan\player\bygplay ercontroller.cpp:2086]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!APlayerController::TickActor( )
Titan_Win64_Shipping!FActorTickFunction::ExecuteTi ck()
Titan_Win64_Shipping!FTickTaskLevel::RunPauseFrame ()
Titan_Win64_Shipping!FTickTaskManager::RunPauseFra me()
Titan_Win64_Shipping!__scrt_common_main_seh() [d:\agent_work\1\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\s tartup\exe_common.inl:288]

Hey @Satoru we actually currently do not have save versioning, it’s on the to-do list. The warning is a blanket statement to remind players that they may not be able to play old saves - it will still show up any time you try to load currently. However - this save file will be very useful! So thanks for posting it :smiley:

Uhhm… Could you please not do that? I started my game over three times before I found this forum and searched for the error message. Searching for it straight from Google doesn’t bring this up, BTW. It’s OK to tell me my save might have issues, but to actually state its from an older version is very misleading. I’m probably not the only player who was very confused by this. Especially since the Epic store doesn’t give you an easy way to figure out when a game was updated. Unlike other game stores that have been around a bit longer …cough, cough

Anyway, lovely game otherwise. 20 hours well spent so far.

@fabsh No worries, on experimental save versioning exists now - will be in the main game on June 2nd. :slight_smile:

Well, at least that’s something. :sweat: